Training course of Eyelash Extensions (free kit included)

For the purchase of the course, get the initial products kit of Extension of Eyelashes Holalash, to learn how to use it and master it. Booking your course clicking here

445,00 €

545,00 €

-100,00 €


It is aimed at beginners who do not have any type of experience with the procedure of applying eyelash extensions 1 to 1, as well as those who know it but do not manage to master it or want to improve it and learn new techniques.

During the course, the knowledge and techniques needed to be a master's degree in eyelash extensions 1 to 1 are acquired and it is practiced with a real model (contributed by the student *) with the guidelines and continuous supervision of the trainer. At the end of the course, a diploma certifying the professional brand Holalash will be delivered.

Booking your course clicking here

Get the initial products kit for free by enrolling in the course. ****The kit Includes: 5 double collagen patches, 1 primer, 1 Remover Cream, 2 Holalash eyelashes Mix tray (0.15 and 0.20), 1 coating, 1 Sticking plaster, 1 bag of 10 Microbrushes, 1 bag of 10 rings, 1 bag of 10 brushes, 1 Holalash Adhesive! 5ml, 1 Make Up Remover Pads, 2 tweezers and Holalash Bag.

*If no model is available, we will provide you one. This service has a cost of 50€. 
** Duration of the course: 9 hours (Schedule from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. with 1 hour to rest)
***This course is exempt from VAT under Art. 20, point 9 of the Law IVA 37/1992
**** The exact content of the kit may vary depending on the available stock, always delivering material for the same value.<br

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