Holalash Artist Yearly

With Holalash Artist get cheaper prices when purchasing materials for eyelash extensions and eyebrow design. I you are eyelash extensions specialist already we will provide you customers improving your position in google.

No minimum term and no minimum purchase!

81,82 €


Holalash Artist allows you to access the best market prices in eyelash extension, even better than those you can see in our online store, which are already very competitive.

To access these prices, Holalash has created a monthly subscription of 8,18€*+IVA. Being Holalash Partner, you can create your own client portfolio of eyelash extensions and in only one service you will get the investment that you make every month back.

* The monthly fee will paid the same date of registration of each month.

** You can unsubscribe at any time to be Holalash Artist by sending an email to hola@holalash.com

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