Disposable brushes for eyelashes

New product

Brushes used during and after eyelash extensions treatments to brush the eyelashes.

*Extra discount for purchases of 500 and 1000 units.

9,92 €


When it comes to hygiene and safety, your clients only deserve the best. Instead of switching between products, our Disposable Mascara Wands are specifically made to be used through the entire treatment process.

Intended for a single use, these synthetic fiber brushes guarantee the cleanliness and safety of your clients. But that’s not all…

Since they are made to be used during the entire treatment process, there’s no contamination. That means you save money by getting more life out of the products you use.

An indispensable tool in your beauty arsenal, Mirame Disposable Mascara Wands can be used in all treatments of eyelash extensions, eyelash lifting, and eyebrow design.

*Extra discount for purchases of 500 and 1000 units.

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