Gel Eyepads for eyelash extensions Holalash (double patches)

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Patches containing collagen among its ingredients. It is used during eyelash extensions treatments. Content: 2 double patches for every package. (2 treatments by package) 

*Extra discounts for purchases of 50 and 100 units.

2,48 €


The HOLALASH Gel Eye Patch makes lash application easier than ever. Designed to hold down the lower lashes before and during application, these eye patches are comfortable for the customer and assist in a smooth and professional process. Each patch is made with collagen so it mirrors the natural contours of the eye and upper cheekbones. This provides a more gentle and refreshing experience than using just the normal tape alone.  Increase the protection. Using Holalash gel eye patch will also reduce irritations on the lower eyelid skin and leave your customer feeling comfortable and relaxed during the application.

*Extra discounts for purchases of 50 and 100 units.

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