Eyelash Extensions Glue Holalash

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The Holalash Eyelash Extension Glue is specifically developed for eyelash extensions 1 by 1 specialists. It is recommended for use in conjunction with Holalash eyelash extensions.

Contents: 5ml / 10ml

18,93 €


Developed for professionals by professionals, the HOLALASH Intense Adhesive was designed for long lasting hold that lasts. This quick-dry  Adhesive formula was designed for specific use with our synthetic fiber PBT HOLALASHES. With a quick dry time of 3 seconds, and a total lifespan of nearly 6 weeks, the HOLALASH Intense Adhesive guarantees a professional finish that won't wobble, flake or shift once it is applied.

Once opened, it maintains its properties for 3 months. Place in refrigerator betwen 6º-10ºC closed inside of its bag, keep out of direct sunlight.

Contents: 5ml / 10ml

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