Tweezers for Eyelash Extensions Holalash

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Holalash straight and curved eyelash extension tweezers, developed for 1 to 1 eyelash extensions specialists.

Types: Straight and curve

6,61 €


We considered making our own set of Tweezers, but why reinvent the wheel when something has already been perfected? Holalash professionals only use the VETUS brand of tweezers.

World renowned for being the top choice of beauty professionals, these tweezers are made of high quality stainless steel anti-magnetic, anti-rust, and non-corrosive materials. That means they won’t rust, chip or bend.

Contoured to fit perfectly between the fingers, these ultra-light tweezers are both practical and functional. Their sharp, pointed tips give you greater precision in your work making them ideal for separating hairs and creating that professional look your clients crave.

Choose from our selection of curved or straight clamps according to your needs.

Types: Straight and curve

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