Ring for glue for eyelash extensions (10 units)

New product

Sticking plaster color white, soft and very flexible, with adhesive mass of acrylic copolymers well tolerated by sensitve skin. Width: 1,25cm

*Sold per units (1) or a 24 units box

2,48 €


Indispensable tool in the application of eyelash extensions. Helps to fix Holalash patches covering lower lashes.

This paper hypoallergenic, microporous paper is white, soft and very flexible, with adhesive mass very well tolerated by sensitive skin and even in patients with hypersensitive skin. Repels water It can be easily cut by hand. Optimal initial and permanent adhesion. It adapts perfectly to the most contoured areas such as the eyes. It is removed without pain and without leaving residues. Does not contain latex or derivatives. Measure 2,5cm x 9m.

*Sold per units (1) or a 24 units box

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