M2 Brows (brows growth serum)


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Especialized serum that helps to stimulate the natural growth of the eyebrows.

Content: 5ml

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Give your brows a new life. Based on the proven and effective MDN complex and enhanced by the prized natural ingrediente Black Sea Rod Oil, this strong renewer eyebrows serum, M2BROWS, stimulates the natural growth of your eyebrows, giving you restored, thicked eyebrows.

Thicker brows that offer you the freedom of following tendencies, letting you to mold them as you like for a bigger impact. With M2BROWS help, you can give them the shape you want. Take your look's control and highlight your beauty with more expressive eyebrows. M2Brows will let you be always in fashion.

Apply M2Brows with its practical brush directly to those places where you would like to improve the look of the eyebrows. Use M2brows once a day - for better results, use it in the evening after removing your makeup - on clean and dry eyebrows.

Allow a brief period for the serum to absorb before applying your usual skin care products. You will see visible changes in the shape and fullness of your eyebrows within just four to six weeks.


* MDN: promotes the natural growth of the eyebrows.

* Black Sea Rod Oil: stimulates and restores the function of the hail follicles.

* Biotin (B7 Vitamin): strengthens the eyebrows.

* Hyaluronic Acid: keeps your eyebrows healthy and makes them more flexible.

* Prodew 300: absorves and binds moisture

* Hydrolyzed Glycosaminoglycans: also bind moisture and provide the eyebrows with more elasticity and firmness


Scientifically Proven

Healthy and pretty -  for M2BEAUTÉ, your healthy is our biggest concern. Therefore, and agree with out comporative phylosophy, we reaffirm the safety of all of our products:

*Medical formula

*Dermatologically tested


*It complies with german's and European Union's cosmetic directives.

M2Brows renewer brows serum contains exclusive ingredientes that are proven to be efficient and tolerable. This product was tested and evaluated by Dermatest in Muester, Germany, taking the note of "OUTSTANDING".

Content: 5ml.

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