Are you a specialist for eyelash extensions?
Holalash Artist helps you earn more


It is an exclusive program for specialists and professionals in eyelash extensions developed by Holalash. This program will help you to increase your income by accessing to distributor prices on eyelash extensions and brows  products, improve your profit margin and even distribute Holalash products and earn money for it. Being Holalash Artist you will expand your client portfolio. How? We will get you more customers through Holalash online marketing tools without permanence, thanks to our online marketing campaigns your name or your saloon will appear on the first page of Google in your area in a very short time and in the same way more friends and followers in Facebook and Instagram. Belonging to Holalash Artist we will include you in the map of Holalash eyelash extensions specialists and your customers will find you easily and you will have your own page inside

Access prices with permanent discount on eyelash extensions products

Improve your profit margin and even distribute Holalash products in your area and make money with it.

Appear in the specialists map of Holalash eyelash extensions hhhhhhhhhhhhh

We'll include you in the Holalash eyelash extensions map of specialists so they can easily find you and you'll have your own page in

Get new clients thanks to Holalash online marketing without permanence

*Holalash Artist does not have any type of permanence and you can unsubscribe at any time by sending an email to

Thanks to the brand's online marketing campaigns you will appear on the first page of Google in your area very soon, and you can get customers via Facebook and Instagram.

If you do not get a client per month we will refund your monthly payment HHHHH

* Google gives us statistics of all the calls that are produced thanks to the actions of Holalash Artist and we will send them to you if you ask us. In the case that there has not been a single call, Holalash will refund the 9.90€ without further questions.

We are so sure that Holalash Artist will help you to obtain clients of eyelash extensions, that if you do not receive at least 1 call of a client per month thanks to the program, we will refund your monthly payment.

Subscribe to Holalash Artist for only 39,90€ per month


Why be a Holalash Artist?

Specialist nº1 in look

Claudia Romero, CEO Mírame

Holalash Artist is a program created by specialist No 1 in Spain, Mirame Lashes & Brows, so that any professional in the field of aesthetics and personal image can become a specialist in extensions tabs 1 to 1 and design of eyebrows.

Increase your revenue

Enter your income

This program allows the professional to continue with their regular activity in their center and also add a very innovative offer of products and services in our country and with a high income potential. Or private beauty professionals will be able to offer a service as exclusive as eyelash extensions, in studio or at home.

Get products with discount forever

Holalash Artist allows you to access the best market prices in eyelash extensions, even better than those you can see in our online store, which are already very competitive. To have access to these prices, Holalash has created a monthly subscription of € 9.90 per month. You can easily order by phone or online.

High quality products

Products extension of tabs

You will work with Holalash products, created to give your clients the results they expect and a great satisfaction after their treatment.

A full range of high quality products designed to please both customers and professionals, and also at the best price of the eyelash extensions market.

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